Galaxy Sangkar Burung

Bird Footing


Galaxy Bird Cage sells tangkringan wood used by birds to perch in a cage. Also used to rest and sleep at night. The wood used usually uses hard wood twigs that have been cleaned or shaved, so that the bird grips both feet The type of wood used is usually made of Asem Wood, Guava Wood, Klutuk Guava Wood or Jackfruit Wood which is strong but does not leave a strong odor, so it is safe for breathing birds. The ideal shape is a little oval with a diameter of about 19-22 mm or adjusted to the character of each bird's feet. Tangkringan wood from Kayu Pohon Asam is preferred by kicaumania. The reason is that in addition to being easy to get, the price is quite cheap and the birds do not slip easily when the wire grips. Because the texture of sour wood is quite rough, jagged and resistant to water exposure. The number of places in one cage should be more than one, with the aim that our beloved bird can move freely. Can move from one tank to another. Placement of tangkringan wood must be arranged so that it is not close together.

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