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Galaxy Sangkar Burung (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Galaxy Sangkar Burung is an answer to the quality and speed of service to customers. originated from bird cage design that standard until now developed into a birdhouse patterned.

Galaxy Sangkar Burung is a cottage industry based in Surabaya, which is on the karang rejo timur Gg.2 No.30 Surabaya Jawa Timur , Indonesia. Galaxy Birdcage, Takes Shape Since 2006 And Survived So Far.
Our customers today come from Jakarta, East Java, Central Java, West Java, Bali, Makasar, to Aceh.

We accept orders that can be tailored to customer wishes. To date the number of employees we have 15 everyone.If you are looking for a bird cage with good quality, reasonable price, and in accordance with keiinginan, you can contact Galaxy Sangkar Burung.


Menjadi Produsen Sangkar Burung Terbaik Dengan Model dan Jenis Sangkar Burung Ukir Terbaik di Indonesia


Selalu Berinovasi Untuk Membuat Model-Model Sangkar Burung Ukir dan Aksesoris Sangkar Burung Terbaru


Sebagai produsen sangkar burung harga murah kami menjual berbagai jenis sangkar burung ukir dan tebok lovebird dengan kualitas terbaik dengan model dan jenis sangkar burung sesuai dengan jenis burungnya antara lain:  sangkar burung pleci,sangkar burung blackthroat,sangkar burung murai batu,sangkar burung lovebird,sangkar burung kacer,sangkar burung cucak ijo,sangkar burung ukir kotak,sangkar burung ukir bulat,sangkar burung kotak tanpa tiang,sangkar burung anis merah,sangkar burung branjangan,sangkar burung derkuku dan sangkar burung perkutut 


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